Solar pump watering systems are a new cutting edge technology. We have expert knowledge in installing, and designing these systems, and we can help you decide which system is right for you.



When installing a new Solar Pump System, we are regularly a few common questions. We have compiled some questions and answers that will help you decide if you want to install a new Solar Pump System.

  1. Question: How do I know if my water well can support the number of cows I have?
    Answer: A single cow on an average (depending on age) drinks a certain average consumption during each season. We calculate those consumptions, find the records on your well and see if the two are compatible, or what would be compatible for livestock vs. the well output.
  2. Question: What type of pump do you use and are they all the same?
    Answer: We use a company called Grunfos. They are a very well established company with a good reputation with their product. We install the proper pump for the your well Gpm (gallons per minute) and also to keep up with the water consumption rate of the livestock.
  3. Question: Do you install the solar panels, water lines and water troughs as well?
    Answer: Yes we do. Along with the floats systems, concrete and gravel pads, trenching etc.
  4. Question: Have you worked with the NRCS and their solar pump guide line programs?
    Answer: Yes we have. We are very familiar with their government grant programs and the way they would like to see it installed to their specifications.
“Lance and his crew always do a professional job. He meets his time and monetary budgets and he really knows cattle and that helps in making decisions on how cattle flow through whatever he builds in the easiest way possible. I would recommend him to anyone needing the job done right.”
Rich Rice, Sparrows-Rice Ranches